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Pre-TAX Workshop

We will re-offer this workshop next spring prior to tax time:


Workshop Objectives

To create a new QuickBooks company using the EasyStep Interview, to perform some typical cash flow transactions in QuickBooks, and to retrieve and use the QuickBooks reports that are to be used to get ready to prepare your company’s taxes.

Creating a QuickBooks Company

A QuickBooks company contains all the financial records for a single business. Before you can use QuickBooks, you need to tell QuickBooks about your business so that it can set up your company file.

  • EasyStep Interview walks you through setting up your business:
  • EasyStep Interview walks you through customizing QuickBooks for your business:
  • Completing company file setup


You will be entering deposits, sales receipts, payments on invoices, ‘hand’ checks, and paying bills.  In this workshop Jane writes hand checks and uses a manual check book.  Many small business handle checks much like they handle personal checks.

  • Entering a simple deposit.
  •  Combining a sales receipt and a simple deposit.
  •  Entering a payment on an invoice and depositing it.
  •  Creating an invoice.
  •  Enter a hand check.
  •  Cash out scenarios.
  •  Enter a bill and pay it.


This workshop will also have you look at various QuickBooks generated reports that you should be familiar with while making entries that affect the A&A Lemonade3 company business.  First you will you look at various reports throughout this Workshop lab, then you will be directed to enter a business transaction, i.e. pay a bill, sell some product, etc., After that you will again look at the report and observe how it has been changed due to the transaction.


1)      To emphasize the importance of specific reports for business

2)      To record transactions and observe the effect on various reports

3)      To learn the different ways of accessing reports

Reports that we will be looking at include:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

Remember, for enrollment in one of the QuickBooks Pre-TAX Workshops, just follow the 'ADD TO CART' prompts provided for the Spring Offerings of the workshop, or contact me: by phone: (612)866-2583, or e-mail:  You can pay for the workshop by Paypal or by cash or check.