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Wyne Tasting Game

If you enjoy playing party board games and wine tasting,

then this game is for you.

The Wyne Tasting Game will provide up to four adults with hours of fun and enjoyment. 

Get this game and invite your friends to a party with good wine, good food and good fun!

The Wyne Tasting Game comes in a bag, and consists of:

(1)              A silk screened game mat,

(2)              Four packets with 15 game tokens each,

(3)              The instructions and rules of the game.

Now the BIG Question is:

Do you play to win? or, Do you play to drink and eat?

The Objectof the game is to capture five squares in a row, horizontal, vertical or diagonal!.

Check out the game on FaceBook.

Contact Dave Burgwald for more details at: (612)866-2583, (612)812-5430 (cell) or by e-mail at: or