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New Company Setup

This is a three hour workshop that will guide you through setting up a new company in Quickbooks.

A QuickBooks company contains all the financial records for a single business. Before you can use QuickBooks, you need to tell QuickBooks about your business so that it can set up your company file.

  • EasyStep Interview walks you through setting up your business:
  • EasyStep Interview walks you through customizing QuickBooks for your business:
  • Completing company file setup

Using the QuickBooks New Company Interview, learn how to Set up a new company "Wacky Gadgets".


Remember, for enrollment in one of the New Company Setup Workshops, just follow the 'ADD TO CART' prompts provided for each workshop, or contact me: by phone: (612)866-2583, or e-mail:  You can pay for the workshop by Paypal or by cash or check.