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Cash Handling Workshop

This is a Hands-on workshop that will familiarize you in the various cash handling operations that can be performed using quickBooks. This workshop follows a small start-up company “Squeeze My Lemons”, owned and run by ‘Jane Anyone’.  It’s a Lemonade Stand, and through the Cash handling lessons/scenarios, you will become familiar with this aspect of QuickBooks.  You will be entering deposits, sales receipts, payments on invoices, ‘hand’ checks, and paying bills.  In this workshop Jane writes hand checks and uses a manual check book.  Many small business handle checks much like they handle personal checks.          

  •  Entering a simple deposit.
  •  Combining a sales receipt and a simple deposit.
  •  Entering a payment on an invoice and depositing it.
  •  Creating an invoice.
  •  Enter a hand check.
  •  Cash out scenarios.
  •  Enter a bill and pay it

Remember, for enrollment in one of the Cash Handling Workshops, just follow the 'ADD TO CART' prompts provided for each workshop, or contact me: by phone: (612)866-2583, or e-mail:  You can pay for the workshop by Paypal or by cash or check.